Pascal Gunsch


Hi. Hallo. Bonjour. Guten Tag. nǐ hǎo. Dia dhuit. Ciao. ¡Hola!

My name is Pascal Gunsch, I’m 17 years old and living in the village of Abbenbroek (in the Netherlands).

I am attending the 6th and final grade of the ‘Jacob van Liesveldt’ in Hellevoetsluis. Since I am following bilingual education, the first three years were primarily in English. The only subjects that weren’t in English are the languages, like Dutch, French, German, Classical Greek and Latin. However, the system and regulations regarding the central end exams don’t allow this form of bilingual education in higher grades, so now I’m doing all of my subjects in Dutch, except for English, social studies, science for public understanding (SPU), drama and life studies. Furthermore, I hope to succesfully make the IB Language and Literature Higher Level exam this May. After that, I am going to study Medicine (Geneeskunde) at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

I try to keep English as major language for this site, however, because this site will mainly function as a digital portfolio, you’ll also be able to find stuff that’s other than English.

Apart from school, I’ll also try to post about my hobbies. I’m one of those persons who like everything, but I enjoy sailing, scouting, horse riding, painting, snowboarding, astronomy and travelling the most. Of course, hanging out with friends and family and meeting new people also are some of the things I like. I also have some nice pets called axolotls.

If I posted about something else than the topics mentioned above, it would be about something I heard, saw or thought about in a moment of instant inspiration.

If there are any questions left, you can always contact me via the contact page

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