Pascal Gunsch

Editorial Cartoons

Find an editorial cartoon and analyze it. Have a look at my Prezi to see how you should analyze an editorial cartoon. Your paper should be max. 300 words.
In this editorial cartoon, you can see Kim-Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea. He is wearing a uniform on which both his name and the text ‘N. Korea’ can be seen. He is holding three darts with a nuclear sign on them, and he’s aiming at the USA. Knowing this, it can be said that the cartoon was made throughout the second half of February 2013, when North Korea said that it had experimented with nuclear weapons. The audience is also quite clear: the citizens of the USA, who form a potential ‘target’.
It looks like Kim-Jong-Un is playing darts with his nuclear weapons. However, even though he’s standing a maximum of two feet away from his target, it is clear that he has only missed and didn’t even come close to the bull’s-eye. Nonetheless, he seems quite optimistic and self-confident as he says ‘practice makes perfect!’. This makes the writer’s intention quite clear. He is trying to say that even if North Korea had nuclear weapons, they would never reach the USA simply because they don’t have the knowledge and experience to achieve that. That’s why Kim-Jong-Un says ‘practice makes perfect!’, i.e. he says we’ll have to practise a lot before we actually have some chance to reach the USA.
The cartoon gives some kind of comfort. It wouldn’t be nice if the USA are hit by a nuclear bomb, however, the cartoon says that this is not possible (yet).

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